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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
i didn't realize Impulse released hardcore stuff as well.
The very first Impulse release (JUSTINE & JULIETTE) was hardcore, followed by another Swedish adult title THE SECOND COMING OF EVA. Then there's the pair of oddball hardcore docudramas REFINEMENTS IN LOVE and APHRODISIAC: THE SEXUAL SECRET OF MARIJUANA, and the recently released early '80s U.S. adult films SAME TIME EVERY YEAR and SERENA: AN ADULT FAIRY TALE.

The SCHOOLGIRL REPORT films, the Nikkatsu pinku eiga titles, and the three Brazilian pornochanchada releases (THE CHICK'S ABILITY, VIOLENCE AND SEX, and PORNO) are all softcore, along with the Christina Lindberg titles (MAID IN SWEDEN, WIDE OPEN, and ANITA, though hardcore versions of ANITA do exist around the world).

A pretty interesting variety, when you look at the label as a whole.
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