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Originally Posted by Anthropophagus View Post
Frankly, if it's not good enough for you just don't buy it, is it really that hard?
For what it's worth, that was pretty much my opinion in regards to the Terrorvision/Video Dead release and I still got shit upon for it. It isn't my intention to defend dollman (mainly because he's coming across as a douche) but I think people are becoming a bit hyper sensitive in regards to Scream Factory. Don't get me wrong, I love the piss out of them and what they do, and plan upon buying upwards of 90% of their goods in the future. But when they mess up perhaps we're a little too forgiving when we shouldn't be and Scream Factory isn't being apologetic or forthright enough when they're handed subpar materials. Overall I give them an A or A-, but just because they're basically the last game in town in regards to genre fare doesn't mean that we should avert our critical eyes elsewhere...
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