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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
Those Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street are pretty loaded special editions, especially for laserdisc. For a long time, those were highly sought-after by horror fans, as the initial DVDs had nowhere near the special features. Even as LD was dying or dead, those discs would still fetch a good price on E-bay. I think all the special features have been ported over now though.
Actually the Elm Street LD still has extras that have never been ported over. There is some raw deleted footage and Freddy voice tests on the dsc that have yet to see the light of day anywhere else.
I remember pre-ordering the I Know What You Did Laserdisc from Suncoast back in 1998 and it finally coming in but they were unable to sell it to me because the disc had just been recalled because the trailer on it said "From the creator of Scream" and Cravens people asked to have that removed. Years later I did get the disc with the trailer intact off of ebay for pennies.
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