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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
So what if i did? You guys really need to stop taking it personally when someone doesn't like the same film as you.
My point was it's not like you came merrily skipping into the thread like a new born babe and diplomatically stated you were passing on that release. It doesn't even matter if you shit on such and such first or not. If you jump into the fray you're going to get shit on. Zollman shit on Cliff, I shit on Zollman, you shit on me, I shit on you back with this very post, now you're probably going to shit on me, that's the way it works. You and I got into this shitfest on our own accords.

Look we've all been shit on enmass and one point or another. I just got schooled on John Holmes over the past two days. You don't see me coming into other threads all in tears saying people in this other thread are all being mean to me. I shit on Ron Jeremy and got some shit back on Holmes. I knew that'd happen before I hit "Submit Reply." But I did it anyways. I full take responsibility on all that. I made a point and I walked away (you probably won't see me in that thread again or mention Jeremy/Holmes again for awhile), that's the best you can do online without being a total hermit.

Cliff's been shit on before (They Live off the top), Don May Jr. was shit on over Vampire Circus, Coppola's Dracula and Savini's NotLD, this shit happens. When you shit on something, you get shit back. Period. I find it best to move on once the point has been made clear. I won't be touching on this subject again probably either.
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