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True Nature (2010)

Trailer here:

Anyone else seen this film? I rented it the other night and was pleasantly surprised. I guess it's had a successful run on the festival circuit winning numerous awards.

The film is like a blend of a drama/mystery, crime thriller, and supernatural horror. It's certainly not hardcore horror, but has some respectable blood/gore at times.

Made in Ohio, the film apparently had a decent budget to work with, and utilized talented actors. The overall look and feel of the film reminded me of such films from the early 1990's, although it's based in the present day.

Watching it, you're not really sure of what's really occurring or where the film is ultimately going to end up, but that's part of its charm. The ending can be interpreted in multiple ways.

Synopsis from the website:

The Pascal family has it all - wealth, power, privilege - but their picture perfect lives change forever when their college-athlete daughter Marianne disappears one night while running. She mysteriously returns a year later with no recollection of where she's been. Haunted by violent visions, she begins to suspect that her family is hiding dark secrets and that the key to her disappearance may be linked to them. As the fragile web of lies unravels, she fears that her own life and sanity may be the price for discovering the truth.
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