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Originally Posted by Dobby View Post
How about for the future the "Death of physical media documentary"?

Anyway I am much more looking forward to this documentary. This actually has VHS collectors and is much more raw.

Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector

Rewind This! has VHS collectors interviewed, I know more than one of them that are featured in the documentary. Sounds like you just wanna see collector's talk about their collections, and not learn about the history of the format...

Originally Posted by Chomp
Fuck that...most of those interviews look like they are from a buncha hipster collectors who weren't even alive during the birth of VHS. They even threw in a faggy old clip of a Timpone interview. LAME!
Adjust Your Tracking is being made by the guys that run VHShitfest and are indeed youngins, born in 1990... So yes, it will be much more amateur and low-brow, but potentially still entertaining and interesting.

Originally Posted by Chomp
I applaud their attempt, but Rewind This! looks like a better representation of what a documentary film about VHS renting should be it has UP-TO-DATE interviews with big name people who were behind the scenes of it all and relevant to the subject at hand. Not just some d00d wearing a stocking hat talking about how cool the Wizard Big Boxes were. ZZZZZzzzzzzzz....

Although I saw a brief shot in that Rewind This trailer of a familiar tattoo that I didn't like. That "Never Forget" tattoo...the only person that I know who flaunts that tattoo like its a goddamn purple heart from Iraq is that douche bag running Massacre Video. Hey that's cool, he has plenty of time to model his ugly ink for this documentary, yet hundreds of people (including me!) are still probably waiting on fucking merchandise they ordered from this dickhead. Fuckin' A.
That is not Louis from Massacre with that tattoo. That is Zack Carlson, a now ex-programmer from the Alamo Drafthouse family. Lots of people have the same or similar tattoo. I have a VHS tattoo myself, which can be seen in the Tattoo thread.
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