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Originally Posted by Dobby View Post
Yeah I agree they are a bunch of hipsters. To be honest though you and I are also VHS collectors. So who is to say they wouldn't refer to us as hipsters also?

I'd still like to check out both REWIND THIS! & Adjust Your Tracking.
I prefer to be called a movie collector. It just so happens that some movies are only available on VHS. I do occasionally like the box art aspect as well. But I don't want to be identified as one of those people nor do I want anything to do with that subculture that seems to be sooooo sweepingly hip these days.

Originally Posted by MorallySound View Post
That is not Louis from Massacre with that tattoo. That is Zack Carlson, a now ex-programmer from the Alamo Drafthouse family. Lots of people have the same or similar tattoo. I have a VHS tattoo myself, which can be seen in the Tattoo thread.
My mistake then...on that account, knowing I don't have to watch or hear that mouth breather makes this documentary all the more worthwhile.

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