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I just watched this tonight, and I thought it was actually pretty good. Not great, but not bad. I'm also a bit confused why the ending was so hated.
The possessed chick made the camera man who looked like Ryan from The Office crash the car, they all died, right? What's so bad about that?

As much hate as the ending received I thought the ending would've been them getting Isabella in the car and then the "to see what happened check out this site" screen was going to come up with no resolution to the story. The 3 main characters dying in a car crash is a resolution. There are only like two outcomes in a movie like this, everybody dies, or they exorcise the possessed and everybody is happy. An "everybody is happy" ending wouldn't have been very satisfying in a movie like this.
So I expected a much worse ending. Is that the only problem everyone had with the movie?
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