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Zombie always gets my curiosity. I like him. I think his heart is in the right place as a director and that he has the best of intentions. But, I also don't think he has the talent to make films. Or at least he hasn't really shown the full grasp. I've watched his first 3 films (I just could not get excited for the second Halloween) and each time I go in hoping that he will finally be able to pull it off.

This looks interesting. I appreciate that he may finally be moving away from serial killers and into something with more of a supernatural flavor. I actually think that may fit him a bit more.

But, I don't know if I can handle Sheri Moon being front and center. I never really minded her in the other films as her presence came off as more of a throw-away and I actually thought that it was kind of cute that he always gave her roles. But, at least it looks like she may be playing more of straight role. So, maybe she can tone down all of the business that makes her annoying.
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