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Originally Posted by WesReviews View Post

Does EVERYONE in a Rob Zombie movie have to have a beard?

And I wonder what deep and meaningful symbolism he will treat us to this time. The white horse in H2 was so DEEP, man.
As long as he has a beard, so will his characters!

I bordered on hating Sherri in Devil's Rejects. Even though she was playing a psycho, she took it too far over the top IMO and I often cringe when she's on screen alone. But I thought she was great in Halloween 1 and works well in smaller, subdued doses. I have serious concerns if she can carry a film, guess we'll see.
I called this years ago when I said "I accept Rob is so pussy-whipped, Sherri will be in every movie he ever does." Even then, I didn't have the fucking lead in mind!
At least the trailer looked interesting if nothing else. White trash witch burning, could be a great new genre.

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