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This wasn't a strong year for horror films in my opinion, and although I have probably seen more films this year then any other, not too many of those were horror.

My Favourite Horror Films of 2012

1. The Cabin in the Woods - For a larger write up on this, check out my "Top 10 Movies of 2012" post. Needless to say this movie was a blast, one of the most original films I've seen in some time and a huge love letter to horror fans.

2. Prometheus - I'm surprised all the hate this movie is getting. I guess I just don't watch a movie to pick it apart and search for plot holes. Other then the ending and its terrible CGI, I enjoyed the slow pace and build up of this film. It brought me back to Ridley's first foray into space.

3. The Innkeepers - Ti West is definitely one of my favourite horror Director's out there right now. He makes extremely slow paced films where not much happens but for some reason I never find myself bored. It may have something to do with the interesting characters he writes. And when the scares do come they are usually worth the long wait.

4. The Woman in Black - Although this one didn't work for me as it did others, I still really enjoyed it. Great atmosphere and set pieces, I just wish it was scarier.

5. Frankenweenie - You can tell I am desperate here when I am including this in my list. Not really a horror film but since it's a huge homage to Frankenstein I feel it fits. I love stop motion and Tim Burton makes a return to form here.

6. Silent House - I liked this even if the ending was a huge let down. Unique idea (Made to seem like it's all shot in one take) with some decent scares.

Silent Night - Some decent kills, the wood chipper scene being a stand out, but overall pretty bad. Awful script and acting, and most importantly lacking a Christmas feel. Where is all the snow!?

Dark Shadows - Awful! Not really horror film but since it is about vampires and werewolves and witches oh my, I thought I'd throw it in. I like both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp for the most part, but they really need to stop creating these films together. This was the worst of the lot in my opinion, a huge mess that didn't know what it was trying to be.
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