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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
Not necessarily. Often times transfers receive a color/saturation boost and thus sometimes creating a totally different color scheme than what was intended by the film makers. It has been stated several times that Severin’s Santa Sangre transfer is more accurate to how it played and was viewed in theaters. The more saturated color scheme (bleeding colors, edge enhancement) was unauthorized and artificially created when it was released on DVD.

And I don’t know which Santa Sangre BD you own, but Severin’s transfer’s color scheme does “pop”….especially in the [u]reds[/i]. I love that disc. It’s one of my favorite BD’s and one of my favorite flicks. I know the Mr. Bongo release had richer black levels, but I heard it also had compression issues and didn’t have Severin’s exhaustive extras…. So, I am happy enough to stick with the Severin disc and just adjust a few settings on my television.
Sorry, didn't know it was stated several times. I will do an internet search the next time I decide to have an opinion to see if it's been discussed ad nauseum. I personally prefer the brighter and warmer colors (not necessarily the bleeding and edge enhancement) as I think it fits better in the circus world.

You can see in these shots how muted the colors look (especially screen shot #4) and if that's what the director wanted - great! But I prefer the bolder colors.

Originally Posted by MorallySound View Post
Especially when you can adjust black levels yourself on most TVs, I'd much rather have a "muted" image than anything that's boosted or crushed.
I didn't know we had to pick one over the other. Frankly, I'd like a release with an image that isn't boosted, crushed OR "muted". And for what it's worth, several sites had reported that Tim Lucas stated that the colors were off on the Arrow Bay of Blood release.

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