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Originally Posted by bruce h View Post


I know which one I like better...
If you even look at these two images, you can see that the white border and birds on the Santa Sangre sign looks more white (which I am sure was the color it was suppose to be) on the Mr. Bongo image where as the Severin looks more grey. Some sites have even mentioned a grey filter that seems to be over the film. To me, it looks like the Bongo image has the sun shining down whereas the Severin image almost looks like a cloud is passing by. I wonder how many drugs Jordowsky has done since this movie was in theatres? But I forgot that many fall for the pretense that director's have memories that do not falter like other human beings.

I personally can't remember the exact hue of colors for movies that I saw over 20 years ago but to those of you who can, more power to you.

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