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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post

Uh...You don't need to remember when you have the film reals sitting in front of you.

Ummm, I've already posted one link that states the transfer is beautiful but the colors might be off. And to me the colors look off and I've already described why I feel that way.

Originally Posted by Chomp View Post

What’s with the sarcasm? I don’t need it nor do I think it is warranted. I was being sincere as it seemed like you didn’t know. Yes, it is CLOSER to how it was originally screened in theaters. Not every film is going to look like Avatar when it gets put onto BD. You may want bolder colors, but in Santa Sangre’s case, what you are getting on previous versions is all artificial. If you like that, fine, but you are in the minority as most want films preserved the way they were originally intended to look.
Your remarks that it had been addressed several times and that you didn't know what blu-ray I had came off to me as condescending, not sincere. If this is how he actually intended it to look, then great. I support that.

Originally Posted by Chomp View Post

Yeah if you can handle the compression issues, slight cropping, and lackluster features, by all means double dip.... I mentioned in my previous post Mr. Bongo's transfer is more balanced, but I am more than fine with tweaking a few settings on my television, which can be easily done with the Severin disc.
if you are adjusting your TV, then why can't you just say yeah the colors are a little off? That was the only thing I said about the release so I don't know why people are arguing with me about which has better cropping, compression or features.

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