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Originally Posted by deepred View Post
Ummm, I've already posted one link that states the transfer is beautiful but the colors might be off. And to me the colors look off and I've already described why I feel that way.
I want a link that states the presence of a "grey filter".

Originally Posted by deepred View Post
I said that the blu-ray looked better all the way around but I just thought the colors were off - why would I want to buy a crappy quality dvd? And if you are adjusting your TV, then why can't you just say yeah the colors are a little off? That was the only thing I said about the release so I don't know why people are arguing with me about which has better cropping, compression or features.
I’m not quite sure exactly what you’re babbling about here, but my last comment about compression, special features, etc. was directed towards bruce_h as evident by quoting specifically his post.

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