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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
The thing is, there are plenty of us who bought original but used rental copies of wizard videos with severely damaged covers either by wear and tear or by outright butchery from the video store themselves, cutting them down to fit inside smaller boxes. There is already a market to sell mint original covers out there, so I think that it's almost criminal to ruin original cases with a collectors edition numbering system and an autograph.
A cardboard box is worth $50 to you?

Yeah…the more I think about it, the more this just seems absolutely ridiculous. Ebay bidding is one thing, but there is no reason that a well-established movie releasing company, like Full Moon, should be selling a cardboard box and a dubbed tape (an antiquated format) for $50 a pop + shipping. Especially when they just "found" these big boxes in a warehouse". There is essentially minimal cost to produce these. This seems like a complete cash grab aimed at exploiting the current VHS trend.


Subtract $25 from the overall price and I may be interested again.

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