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Originally Posted by Kim Bruun View Post
I've only sat through two of his movies, Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne, and both are unmitigated disasters - unenjoyble and crude.

When a fairly recent movie has a rating of 2.9 on IMDB, well, let's just say that I am not too inclined to see it. I also feel that I've given Uwe Boll enough minutes of my life. But your praise may just convince to at least watch the trailer...
You could watch House of the Dead to see how bad it ever got. That one is so bad it's good IMO, you should at least laugh plenty. Everyone I've shown it to has. Seed is the opposite end, I was kinda sad after seeing it and hoping for more House of the Dead type disasters. Avoid the "director's funny cut" of House, because while trying to make it funnier, it makes it not funny at all. The original is funny just cuz of how bad it is, pointing that out in the "funny cut" feels cheap, forced and wack. Plus the Uwe haters live at imdb, can't trust those scores as they all are the same and posted by fuckers who probably don't even bother to watch the films, just base on the last one they saw and hated.

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