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Its very cool to see Walter representing Scorpion here. i've blind bought several Katarina's Nightmare Theater DVDs over the last few months, and I've been happy with all of them (especially American Nightmare - damn, that movie was amazing!). I don't know if I plan to upgrade DotA or Grizzly yet. I have them both from Media Blasters, and while Walter is absolutely right about the compromised nature of the DotA transfer(s), the sad fact is that I just don't have the budget to upgrade EVERYTHING that deserves it, especially when companies like Scorpion continue to release wonderful discs of titles that I don't have in any form. For example, I haven't picked up Death Ship on BD yet. Given the choice, I'd almost certainly opt to pick that up rather than DotA, just because I don't yet own Death Ship in any form. However, I'll wait and see just what kind of package Walter and Scorpion are able to put out. I'd certainly LIKE to upgrade it....

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