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I was also ok with the limited vocabulary and the annoyance of the characters, as to me it lent to the realism of it. I KNOW people like that. Or for another example, a friend of mine went to film school, and in this one class you were part of a team. For each project, the team would rotate jobs. As in, one time you'd be director, one time you'd be cinematographer, one time you'd be lighting, etc etc etc. My buddy told me that at the first meeting, one person loudly declared that he would ONLY direct, as that was what he planned to do and that all the other jobs would be a "waste of time" for him. How friggin arrogant, right? Not to mention ignorant. But this type of film student exists, and is very well portrayed by Heather Donahue.

It's one of those things that either works for you or doesn't. There's not a lot of hidden meaning in this movie. As I mentioned in my first post (10 years ago!) I see the exact same things that the haters of this movie do. But for me, that just makes it all the more realistic to me.
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