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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
Yeah...that's the thing too...most of the common Wizard titles can sell for easily under $50 (all the titles I have, I obtained spending less than $50 per tape)...depends on what kind of day it is. But titles like Filmgore, Zombiethon, Zombie, and any old white label Wizard titles I've seen hit the $200 mark. Zombie big box is almost always a $100+ tape on Ebay.

I saw a completely mangled Zombie big box go for $100+. The top was completely off, taped on both sides, looked like somebody took sandpaper to the still went for over 100 bucks...crazy.
I got a big box copy of Zombie at a flea market about 3 years ago. The box itself was in good to very good condition and the tape itself was almost like it had never been played before. Damage to my wallet? One whole buck!

I certainly wouldn't pay $50 for just a cover, but who knows? If I had a cut up rental box but a mint video tape the cost just might be worth it if it meant the difference between fetching $100 and $200 on ebay. But just the existence of these new editions is going to devalue the collectors market on them anyways.

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