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Originally Posted by shithead View Post
And don't forget Rampage! Boll's best movie by far, IMO.

Edit: I know that's not saying much, but still...
Oh yeah, and In The Name of the King doesn't suck either (at least the DC Blu-ray doesn't), in fact if Uwe's name wasn't on it it would get a lot more respect for being a competent film and would probably be compared to Gladiator and Lord of the Rings. Somehow Uwe has turned into a pretty good director, but many cannot let the first few films go. His flicks have all been at least enjoyable to me, even Bloodrayne 3 (haven't tried Name of the King 2 yet, fearing Dolph starring).

Originally Posted by Anaestheus View Post
It was just that Carpenter had the fortune of dating Barbeau.

Chabrol, Polanski, and Argento, BTW, are good directors who had the pattern of casting their significant others. And, I suspect that Zombie imagines himself to be, at least, in the category of Argento.
JC had AB for like a 2-3 film run, so Rob has already nearly doubled that and a half (don't forget his Grindhouse trailer also starred Sherri). Plus those other guys all had different girls at different times, Rob is one bitch all the time. While that's commendable and congrats to them for obviously being in love, it's very much like porn. You don't want to keep seeing the same girl all the time, you want variety. Kudos for being faithful, but in your field it's not necessarily always a good thing.
EDIT: looked it up, 4 films if you count her voice cameo in The Thing (forgot about Someone's Watching Me). But say Zombie was hired to remake The Thing: We'd probably either have Sherri McReady, or a 2 second voice cameo would turn into 30 minutes plus of video or flashback cameo.

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