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Originally Posted by King Diamond View Post
That's not the same thing as investigating a case. If there was a robbery at work, and you were urged to check your locker to see if anything had been stolen from it, would you consider yourself to be investigating a case? No. The characters in Texas Chainsaw Massacre seem to have no interest in looking at evidence, or trying to get to the bottom of who was behind the grave robbing. And it doesn't really lead them to the family. It was more a matter of wrong place, wrong time.
OK, youths who hear a story and go check it out and end up in trouble.

In TCM, they hear about the grave robbers (who were the family) and when they go to that area to check on their grandfather's grave, they eventually fall into the clutches of the family by being in the area where they robbed graves.

IN BWP, the filmmakers go to check out the legend of Blair Witch, which eventually leads them to the Blair Witch by being in the area where the Blair Witch legends happened.

Sorry, shouldn't have used investigate. I am saying there are similarities on how the stories are set up. Similarities, definition of similar - Related in appearance or nature; alike though not identical.

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