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Originally Posted by ronnie21 View Post
part 4 is awesome.. good stuff. I do however like 6 too. its a fun horror movie. leave your brain at the door, they did a good job mixing comedy without gettting too silly..
my order is this..
part 4 , part 2 part 3 and part 1 then 6.. the others not too good..
I don't like Part 4 that much. The kills are good. Corkscrew, axe throw through door, toss from window. All good. Love the jump and flip through the window to the ground. But as a movie I want to watch, I don't like it. My order:

Part 6, Part 2, Part 8, Jason X, Freddy vs Jason. Don't know the order of the others.

Originally Posted by fceurich39 View Post
if they would include the Jason goes to Hell and Jason X as well that would be sweeeet!!!
Jason X is a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be the stupidest crap ever too.
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