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It's a Summer camp slaughterthon from Scream Factory this Spring, as Tony Maylam's THE BURNING (1981) gets blu-ified. Camp Stonewater has it all: totally irresponsible counselors, the date-rapiest kids on the East Coast, and their very own garden shear-wielding maniac! Horribly disfigured by a prank gone wrong, jerky groundsman Cropsy turns a Summer vacation canoe trip into a teenage wasteland, as Stonewater's populous gets stabbed, slashed, chopped and impaled in a variety of Tom Savini-orchestrated kill scenes. Featuring great location shooting, comedic asides from a pre-Seinfeld Jason Alexander (with hair!), and a haunting synth score from prog-rock genius Rick Wakeman, THE BURNING may not be the greatest of all '80s slashers, but really, does it need to be? It has what counts, and that's enough for me. Shout's disc promises to port the supplements from the OOP MGM disc along with some new content.

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