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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
Funny coincidence, I just went to see The English Beat play live in White River Junction, VT last night. Great show in a small venue with a large crowd. Not terribly punk though. New Wave definitely.

We can't really base the punk/metal qualities of a film based purely upon what people wear. Jon Gries is a metalhead in Terrorvision, but his character isn't written to be anything other than a buffoon and a jerk. He's meant to be ridiculed. And he dies. If it was a "metal" movie he'd be the hero of the story, like Thor in Rock 'N Roll Nightmare.
The Video Dead is SUPER PUNK ROCK!
It even stars Jennifer Miro from the punk rock band THE NUNS.
Bro you have no clue what punk is.
I feel sorry for you.
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