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Here's how it works;

Regular Shipping with no sales; anywhere from $3-4 depending on how much Charlie wants to make.

Expedited shipping (i.e. Priority Mail) with no sales; $5-6

Regular Shipping WITH sales: $5-6

Priority Shipping WITH sales: $7-9

I remember back when they had their $9.99 DVD/$12.99 Blu Ray sale, I priced out how much it was to ship PM II + III at $15 a piece; which is the standard for the site.

The price with shipping; $36.49

When I put then in at the $9.99 sale - $33.72

See something wrong there?

Yeah. That's what I thought.

Full Moon/Charles Band is a con artist, pure and simple, he takes advantage of sales/rates, etc. has slower than shit shipping and blames it on a small staff - it's called outsourcing Charlie, if your staff is that small during peak times bring on temporary help - not difficult, those replicas aren't even worth $50 as they're made out of cheap foam plastic and aren't even taken from original molds! Not to mention this guy has some miraculous warehouse where all kinds of shit just pops up out of nowhere and hey look why not sell it right? I could literally go on and on, but I won't cause really what good does it do in the long run?

I don't purchase anything from Full Moon's site, and I don't plan to.
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