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Ugh... It's Night of the Living Dead all over again apparently:

Frank Collins' review:
As far as I can see there is no difference in the grade of the 2007 version and the 2012 grade. The caps were taken from the 2012 grade. On the Blu-ray the two versions are branched which suggests they are using the same grade with the only difference being the inclusion of the restored Japanese footage on the 2012 version.

In many scenes I agree that it is very dark. And the colour grade is colder, moving predominantly into blue.

On the restoration documentary the only clues we are given about this are from the BFI's Ben Thompson. Warner's allowed access to the camera negative and a new IP made for their DVD release. The work was done at their approved lab in Burbank. "The grading are the red, green and blue values that are used in the printer to control the colour content... to balance the colour. I felt that in controlling the overall look of the grade the most genuine, given the lack of materials, thing to do was to not push saturation bias to emulate an imbibition print (*commonly known as a dye transfer print if that makes it clearer) for example. It was really just about faithful reproduction of colour as I saw it in the print without putting too much of a signature that might suggest we're trying to look like an Eastman colour print or trying to look like an imbibition print. Really just trying to emulate what I saw on that check print from the camera neg. It just felt like the most faithful thing I could do."

The Japanese footage was restored and integrated by Molinare into the BFI 2007 version. Molinare made the Japanese footage "the same colour and grade match to the shots that go around it" and dropped it into the BFI version. There's no indication they did a full regrade of the film itself. The overall grade you see is, it seems, the one undertaken by the BFI.
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