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I'm not sure we should rush to judgment. Almost all of the Hammer Dracula films look "off" on DVD. Day for night scenes consistently look ridiculous. I've always assumed that was a limitation of earlier technology. But now I wonder if the DVD masters were authored incorrectly. If answer prints weren't consulted it's very possible that many shots were printed too light and color timed for a more neutral appearance.

I'm never in favor of altering the color timing of films for home video. So if this is revisionist history it's appalling--and hugely disappointing for such a landmark film. But I think it's distinctly possible that Horror Of Dracula might have looked darker and bluer when it originally ran in theaters.

I suspect we haven't heard the last word on this release yet. I need to know how closely the new Blu replicates the look of the projected BFI restoration before I make up my mind.
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