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Well this is probably much the same as NotLD in that screen captures look worse then how it'll appear on a properly calibrated TV. Still no one is saying this is how it looked theatrically in 1958, in fact the quoted restoration states that they did not try to make it look like Eastman technicolor which is how it was distributed.

Here's what restorationist Robert Harris (Vertigo, Lawrence of Arabia) had to say about the restoration's comments:
[T]hese comments make no sense.

A "check print" is meant to replicate (for projection or benching) what has been printed to the IP. It is of no value towards color reference. Further, if the OCN had reached any levels of problematic dye fade, it would not have been the sole candidate for any basis of modern restoration.

Am I confused?



He advocates a wait and see approach but I don't doubt the screen captures we've been provided are accurate of what's on the Blu-ray. I may buy it anyways just to get the full Japanese reels as I doubt those will be on Warner's release stateside.
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