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The reviews on this site are top-notch, and I appreciate that I can come here, search for titles, and sit down and get lost in all these great writings. Thank you, team, for providing these for us free of charge. Writing in your free time can be a chore, and you guys do it out of the horror in your heart.

General gentle feedback: as a reader, I'd love to see more analysis and critical reviewing of the films and less plot summary. I'm not talking about MorallySound's latest (which I have not yet read--will do, pal!), but the discussion here reminded me that the reviews can sometimes be less of a critique and more of a summation of what happens in the movie. You are a bunch of smart guys, and I'd love to see you truly dissect a film, its themes, symbols, narrative structure, etc. Of course, not every film calls for this type of treatment. I enjoy watching a film and then coming here to read what someone else thought of it--maybe he or she saw something I missed, or perhaps the film was interpreted differently. I enjoy reading the reviews so much that I want to hear more from the writers and less from the film.

Just a note from a longtime reader. Regardless, keep up the GREAT work and thanks again!
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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