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Stitches 2012

anyone heard of this flick? it's on dvd/blu in the UK right now, and will soon be hitting dvd/blu here in the US come April, but I watched it last night.....sweet fucking jesus was it gory. it's a horror comedy that's actually VERY FUNNY but was shockingly brutal. the kills are all over the top and bloody as hell and a couple actually made me feel sick, something that hasn't happened in...i can't even remember the last time actually.
the clown in the movie rips one guy's dick and balls off with his bare hands, IN SLOOOOOOW MOTION, and another character is disemboweled, has his guts blown into the shape of balloon animal and then has a pump shoved into his head causing his head to explode, again in slow motion. lots of the deaths are in slow motion with blood spewing all over the place. fuckin awesome

here's the red band trailer if anyone's interested

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