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Massacre Video - Updates/Releases

Yup...that photo is real. I received my items today from Massacre Video along with some pretty cool extra swag for the inconveniences. Louis is definitely back on top of things and everyone should be getting their due items shortly. This time it is definitely legit.

Even though I wish Dobby did not delete the last thread, it seems that with Massacre Video's fresh new start, maybe they should get a new one here as well as the last thread was filled with some pretty hateful remarks...made by myself included. So with that here is a new thread to discuss all things Massacre Video. Future releases, shipping updates, etc. Lets just keep this one a little more civil. We need to keep these DIY labels strong so that they can keep bringing us the bizarre filth our depraved minds Black Devil Doll From Hell which I am sure numerous people are anticipating.

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