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I just put this in my Sherwood region free player and Im getting a message I have never seen before, it gives me a map of the fucking world, like I might be confused and think Im in fucking Greenland and not America. It says THIS DISC IS INTENDED FOR PLAY ON NON-MODIFIEID REGION 1 PLAYERS. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS REGION 1 DISC. TO ASSURE PLAYBACK YOU SHOULD PURCHASE OR RENT A DISC DESIGNED FOR YOUR REGION AS SET FORTH BELOW. and then theres a map of the entire fucking planet.

I have all kinds of DVDs, from every studio I can think of and I have never seen this. I just watched a Criterion BD today (Hause) and a midnight horror DVD from Walmart that had The Reflecting Skin on it. Now I randomly grab a DVD off the shelf and I get this.

THE FUCK?????????

Anybody with this disc?
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