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Originally Posted by bruce h View Post
To my knowledge it was pulled from the original master tape. Trust me, the old Mogul prerecord didn't look any better! Watching these old, interlaced, multi-generational tape masters on nice, new hi-def tvs doesn't really do 'em any favors.
I still use an old CRT Sony WEGA Trinitron television to watch things like this. It looked terrible even on that.

I do own a bunch of SOV films from the 80's, but Demon Queen easily looks worse for wear than any of them. The original master tape must have originally been stored near magnets or excess heat or something! It's just weird that the audio was unaffected.

Here's some screenshots apparently taken from the Mogul VHS, and honestly unless those are untouched...they look way better. There's nowhere near that amount of detail visible on the DVD transfer.
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