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Gunnar Hellstrom's THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL (1968) from VCI 4/2/13

In a commendable act of exploitation excavation, VCI give Gunnar Hellstrom's THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL (1968) its domestic home video premiere! A pre-HAWAII FIVE-O Jack Lord stars as a Hungarian drifter who gets mixed up with a trio of sisters and their estranged mother in a dusty, out-of-the-way Arizona town. As they vie for the stranger's affection, the women spin a disorienting web of lies and deceit, building to a twisted "surprise shock ending" (as claimed by the ads). Hard to see for forty-five years, VCI are loading up the disc with documentaries and commentary produced by Daniel Griffith and his Ballyhoo Motion Pictures, a Joe Solomon trailer reel with commentary by Temple of Schlock's Chris Poggiali, photo galleries and more. Having never seen the film, I'm happy that my first encounter won't be through some multi-generation PAL-conversion dupe! Based on what I've read, it sounds a must-see for fans of stuff like THE KILLING KIND, SPIDER BABY, etc.


Reconstructed trailer:

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