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Full supplements:

Introduction by documentary filmmaker Daniel Griffith
Audio commentary with screenwriter Gary Crutcher, moderated by Daniel Griffith
"PSYCHO'S SISTER: MAKING THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL" - An ALL-NEW making of documentary featuring EXCLUSIVE interviews with screenwriter Gary Crutcher ("STANLEY"), cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond ("DELIVERANCE"), composer Stu Phillips ("BATTLESTAR GALACTICA"), film director/historian Joe Dante ("GREMLINS"), writer/film historian Tim Lucas (VIDEO WATCHDOG), and MORE!,
"SCHLOCKMEISTER: JOE SOLOMON ON REELS" - The cinematic history of producer/distributor Joe Solomon... told through trailers featuring audio commentary by film historian Chris Poggiali (TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK)
Extensive Promotional Gallery
Rare TV Spot and More

Cover art:
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