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Originally Posted by joltaddict View Post
Why would I start a new thread? Ghost Of Mars DVD Question. Thats what I got.

I ended up putting in They Live. And that worked fine. And probabally a better idea anyway
Its a Sherwood BDP-5400 and its only needed codes to switch BD regions, its always played every region of DVD without codes.
I doubt it's in the disc. It's more likely the first sign that the player is going kaput. Sherwood blu ray players stink and I'm actually kind of surprised that yours hasn't shit the bed by now. Mine did after 8 months and I had to send it back to the company for repairs. It still technically "works" (probably) but I put it into storage because I got sick of how loud it was. But anyways, the first sign that something was amiss with my player was when it refused to play my 10+ year old copy of Dazed and Confused because it wasn't supposedly Region 1 (it was).
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