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Philip Brophy's BODY MELT (1993) and more from Scorpion in April

Continuing their Ozploitation line, Scorpion Releasing give Philip Brophy's delightfully odd BODY MELT (1993) a reissue! When an experimental health supplement gets into a stale suburban community's dietary supply, its dreary inhabitants find themselves facing some serious side effects. Promoted in Fangoria at the time of its release, the film seems to have been largely forgotten since -- strange, since the '90s were so starved for something worthwhile that an Aussie slandering of the Me Generation bolstered by supremely surrealistic splatter effects courtesy of Down Under gore guru Bob McCarron (DEAD/ALIVE, ESCAPE 2000) should've been embraced with open arms. Maybe with this release it'll finally find its audience.

DVD Preorder:

Gruesome clip:

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