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Went back to lowest def for awhile

Dudes!!! (My poor Charles Band impersonation).

My HD Projector has shit the bed so I decided to hold off on getting it fixed to see if the higher rez ones come down in price, if not I will get it fixed but in the meantime I came into posession of an old school cabinet style RCA floor model tv that is near virgin, never has had cable or satellite hook to it or any vcrs, dvds, or game systems, the tv has been used strictly to watch Murder She Wrote, Matlock and 60 Minutes and local news.

So I had the weekend to myself and broke it in with an all night viewing of some of my VHS, rarities etc.
Here was my playlist...

Abomination - 1986
Nightlife - 1989
Mindkiller - 1987
Invasion of the Mindbenders - 1987
Beasties - 1991
Venus Flytrap
Buford's Beach Bunnies
Hot Moves

I did have surround sound and watching these in the dark on the set up they were meant to be seen on was really great.
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