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Questions for movie reviewers out there

Questions for reviewers, not just for Horrordigital, anyone here who does reviews.

Are you naturally good writers, or did you have to practice a lot? How long do you usually work on a review? Any kind of tips or anything would be helpful.

Let me explain why I'm asking. I have a blog that I've run for several years now. I used to share out of print music, but it got to be a hassle keeping up with that music was out of print, files deleted, people threatening to sue me...So I've decided to try something new. I thought, hey I watch hundreds of movies a year, why not try and do some movie reviews?

I've written probably 7 or 8 reviews, and I've got to say, it's kind of hard. I try to keep the reviews at like 4-5 paragraphs, then talk a bit about the disc or whatever. But I either write too much and really ramble on, or I write to little and the review ends up not being very cohesive.

I'm also bad about touching up my reviews. I post the reviews, and reread them and constantly find sentences that don't work, or parts where I left out a thought so that two unrelated sentences just sort of collide with one another. I get anxious to post my reviews and usually end up editing once or twice once they've already been posted.

I think my Wizard of Gore review actually isn't too bad and I had fun ripping FDR a new one. If anyone wants to read, here's some of them:


Now, I'm more into reviews on sites like or Bleeding Skull, where they kind of have fun with the reviews. Not necessarily ripping movies apart, but poking a bit of fun while giving your thoughts. I know I'm not a serious film critic, some of my favorite movies are stuff like C.H.U.D. 2, Return of the Killer Tomatoes and Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever. I'm way more into shitty movies, than good movies most of the time, that's just what I'm more likely to watch. So that's more the writing style I'd like to do.

Any kind of tips or criticisms of my writing would be appreciated. Preferably helpful criticisms, as I do want to get better at this - don't just tell me I suck, but why I suck
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