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Love The Godfather (although the second one was a bit overlong for me). I also didn't care for The Big Lebowski when I saw it the first time, but I've caught bits and pieces of it recently while channel surfing and find it a lot funnier now. Bridges, Goodman, and Turturro are hilarious.

For me, it's anything Middle Earth that puts me to sleep. Saw Fellowship of the Rings. Hated it. Read the book. Hated it MORE. Tried the extended version. Still hated it. Gave it one more chance with The Two Towers. Now this was some real sucking. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING happens that really advances the story. I think anyone unfamiliar with the story could go right from Fellowship to Return without missing a thing.

I've still never even bothered with Return of the King. Can't imagine it would make the boring-ass story any more interesting.
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