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Originally Posted by ronnie21 View Post

go to 10:00 mark, and doesn't this scene look extactly like the pool scene in boogie nights. never noticed this. wonder if the director saw this and was inspired. same things, quests talking. cocaine. and roller skates. ummmm
Looks like some parts were homaged, but if I recall correctly Boogie Nights wasn't following Rollergirl in the pool scene, just another girl who was smoking then dove into the pool (and the camera went underwater with her). The vibe and cutting do remind a lot of the later parts of the scene though. Edit: from an article I found called "37 things we learned from the Boogie Nights commentary" and i cut and paste:
'The shot around the pool showing all the party-goers was influenced by a similar one in I Am Cuba, which features a shot that begins on a rooftop and goes down into a swimming pool. “I feel proud that we came back up out of the pool for dialogue,” Anderson adds.'

Besides lots of Exhausted being borrowed, the porn movie scenes are all homages to actual 70 porn films, mostly John Holmes stuff like Jade Pussycat.

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