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Originally Posted by crikan View Post
I'm not ashamed of owning "bad" movies. But I do hide discs that would appear offensive. I don't have acquaintances that are into horror or even know what exploitation films are. So I do not display I SPIT ON YOUR GAVE, BRUTE CORPS or ZOOM IN: SEX APARTMENTS. The people that I associate with in the real world would think I was a psychopath if they saw my movie collection.
yeah, i'm not "embarrased" per se, but I do shelve my Roman Porno releases a little carefully. if someone notices them, fine, but when looking at my shelf, i'd just as soon the first title they see not say SEX HELL in giant letters.

one of the funniest reactions I received to my collection was when my sister-in-laws very nice but rather conservatively religious boyfriend came over. he was perusing my collection when all of a sudden he exclaimed "The 120 Days of Sodom!?!? Oh my god!" that was good for a chuckle.
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