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Originally Posted by crikan View Post
The PHANTASM films. These films are worse than shit.
House On Sorority Row (1983)
Madman (1982)
Maniac Cop films
Wow! Do you even like horror movies? Granted, I don't love every one of these, but they all have devoted fans and are more or less iconic horror movies.

Phantasm I consider pretty artistic even if I never personally could get into it. It's actually a rather philosphical movie about how we deal with death.

They Live - too long since I've seen it to comment, but I always thought it was universally loved among fans of 80's horror.

Evil Dead I always found overreached itself once the demons start possessing everything, but it is an important film, and justifiably popular.

City of the Living Dead is a gorefest on par with Fulci's other zombie movies. Vomitting guts and rain of maggots not your thing?

Maniac Cop is a character-driven, clever expansion of the slasher formula.

Madman is a cinematographically elegant, atmospheric camp (in every sense) slasher, admittedly with some sketchy acting.

House on Sorority Row is a by-the-book, above-average-but-not-top-five 80's slaher with a good final chase. I can see not loving it, but I don't see hating it unless you hate the subgenre.

I guess my point is that if you dislike all of these intensely, what horror movies do you actually like?
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