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Yeah, wasn't the Rollergirl tracking scene part of that amazing opening shot in the disco? (Seriously, check out some of the camera work in Boogie Nights. That opening scene, one long single shot that begins outside the club, then swoops down inside and introduces every main character is one of my favorite sequences in film history. Then it's reversed at the end of the film, the "where are they now" at Jack's house. Sorry, PTA, this film is your masterpiece. Not the pretentious Magnolia, or the well-acted but practically non-narrative The Master. There Will Be Blood comes close, but Boogie Nights is still his best film, and probably always will be)

Back to the borrowed porn scenes, I've heard the Brock Landers scene, where he comes into the restaurant is taken from a 70s porn. Isn't the first Dirk Diggler shoot (ha ha) where he auditions for Amber also one? Someone mentioned Dave's Old Porn. I'd like Dave to do a Boogie Nights episode, maybe have PTA as a guest. Or if PTA's too damn Serious Filmmaker to appear on Dave's Old Porn, I bet John C. Reilly would do it in a heartbeat.
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