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Originally Posted by Kim Bruun View Post
Well then, Paff, let's call that demographic "romantically unrealistic female neurotics, aged 12 - 45".
Ah, but my point is that from about 18-35, these women actually have lives and do normal shit like having sex. Then at about 35, they regress. Scary shit, I tells ya.

As for popular movies that don't sit with me, I echo all the comments about superhero movies based on comics. I could totally live without those. I haven't seen Avengers because 1. I'm not interested and 2. I don't know shit about any of the superheroes in it. If I do ever see it, it's only because I'm a Joss Whedon fan, and that's the extent of it.

I did like the first Spiderman movie, but Spiderman was always the exception to the rule about my disinterest in superheroes. But even then, the second movie was dull to me, haven't seen the third or this latest "reboot". I also hated Batman Begins, but enjoyed Dark Knight (it's Heath Ledger that makes it interesting), and really liked Dark Knight Rises. That really surprised me. I was bored at the beginning, but I felt it got really good at the finale.
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