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I'll likely buy Zombie, but I'll hold off until some reviews/comparisons come in after the first few waves. That is assuming the third and fourth waves get released. At the price point for that particular tape it's nice, but the legitimacy of everything really comes into play here...Is Band reallllly that lucky? We all know that guy has never took advantage of a situation like this right?

Am I supporting bootlegging and inflated prices? Honestly, considering I've bought a handful of foreign releases/hardboxes, I guess it wouldn't be the first time. I've got a super nice German edition of Cannibal Holocaust that suspiciously owes a lot to Grindhouse's US release. I just want the box, I used to rent that as a kid so there's certainly a nostalgia factor. Find me a r copy of the Wizard Zombie release that nice for that cheap and I'll fork over the money right now. As far as Band goes, I'm guessing this money will fund Puppet Master 15 or whatever sequel they're on, again, that's assuming he doesn't get sued because there's definitely some legality of these releases in question here.

I'm not some avid VHS junkie either, I've bought a handful of releases that I rented a child, some tapes that aren't available on dvd, and I buy a few of those limited releases along with the occasional Uneasy Archive tape.

For the record though, I don't trust Band as far as I can throw him and I wish he'd just sale the empty cartons at a cheaper price.

So I guess what I'm saying is there are lots of angles here. I'm not going to scoff at anyone buying every release. As I mentioned there's a good chance I will be purchasing one of the tapes. Will I be upset if this is all a sham and it doesn't take off past the first wave? Nope. I will however sit back and read all of the facebook/forum/twitter posts on the subject because this is a very entertaining topic.
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