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Originally Posted by Paff View Post
Oh, it's not that exciting. She just got hit by a car (the San Diego Convention Center is on a pretty busy street, and they don't close it off to traffic until the convention actually STARTS). She was crossing the street (probably to get more Twinkies, based on the photos I saw of her) when she got smacked.

Funny you mention the Occupy thing though, as I had a friend who did a swan dive off a 7-story parking structure right into the Occupy gathering. I bet they all wished they'd gone to work that day instead of witnessing THAT, huh?
Wow, fucked up about your friend but crazy, he hit anyone on the way down? I'll guess no as someone getting hit by a falling body will probably die too, and no mention of that. Inventive way to take someone with you if he did though. Hope he wasn't too close to you.

Makes up for the boring hit by car, shit I could get hit or splatter someone anytime I want. I just like freedom and life enough to choose not to.

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