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Originally Posted by ronnie21 View Post
I think what annoys the most about godfather is that when 25 to 30 year olds brag about how its the best thing ever layed down on film. what the f do they know?? Iam 40 and its even way before my time... They are just saying that cause their elders drilled that into them..
im 30, just for context. i love the first two godfather films. i've seen them probably a dozen times each in my life. most recently a month or so ago. i find the opening wedding scene of the first a little hard to get through, i think because each time i see it i'm consciously aware that i'm watching a supremely lauded film, and have a difficult time forgetting about that and just watching it on its own terms. this happens every time i see it. but when the action moves to hollywood and the story begins, i always get drawn in and forget all about that. its just a great movie. not because people older than me have told me it is, but based just on my own appreciation for it. take that for whatever its worth.
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