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Originally Posted by skinnypuppy View Post
Are there a lot of FX in The Nest? Or is it sporadic and the drama/story between the FX is boring?
The FX in The Nest are better than those in Ticks IMO. And in The Nest there aren't just bugs, there are also mutations that result in very Fly-esque FX scenes. For me the drama in The Nest is better than in Ticks. The characters are all likeable (expect for a deliciously over-the-top female scientist) and there are some funny moments within the drama as well, thanks to a quirky exterminator character. Ticks is more of just a fun ride with very stereotypical characters (evil hillbillies, gangbanger, diva, etc.) If you care at all about filmographies, Ticks is from the director of Hellraiser II and The Nest is the directorial debut of the co-writer of The Howling. Hope this helps, both are a good time with killer bugs.
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